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How long have you been using your current customer communication documents? One year, three years, ten years. If the design is over 3 years old, it likely needs some updating. Over 10 years and it is in need of a complete overhaul. In today's business environment, customer satisfaction is paramount. Your clients are looking for greater amounts of high quality information from you and your business. Over the last decade there has been rapid advancement in how we see and perceive information. Human factors, a term for how people interact with technology and systems, is a rapidly growing area of development, especially for industries that present a lot of information to people. Add to this that the information could be presented either digitally or printed on paper and you start to see the difficulty in formatting data in a way that communicates well, and is easily used and understood by your clients.


Wouldn't it be nice to send out a monthly statement that has not only the standard information one finds on a statement but information that is customized to a client or set of clients and that can be changed and annotated on a monthly basis? Would you like to include customized charts and or pictures? You can include color to stress the importance of certain sections and in digital documents, there can be links to additional or backup information.


Using today's technology, Statement Solutions can help you provide your clients and employees with data that can arrive in more ways, with greater relevance, and is enhanced for greater usability then ever before. We can rebuild your statement so it shows not only the data you show today, but also the information that the client wants to see, but that you do not deliver today. Through our conversion and formatting process we can deliver content that was previously unavailable. You can have graphs, charts, current and future positions as well as electronic delivery of all this information to the user's PC.


eDocs and eStatements are digital representations of your paper communication instruments. brings those documents together in a safe secure, private environment for both the client and your employees. Your customer's complete history of documents and activity is stored at and is available to give them a complete picture of their interactions and results with your company.


For your employees, the data presented through eDocs helps them do two things. First it lets them manage your business, through the aggregation of client data into logical groups. Managers can see and act on information that is handled by all their team members. Second, it lets them fulfill your client's needs and requests. Team members need to see individual client's data both as a standalone statement and an aggregate of an entire account so they can act on it. eDocs solves these two issues in an intuitive interface that lets your employees work with the same reports and data they have now, only that information is at their fingertips rather then somewhere in a file cabinet. eDocs, making your employees more productive today!


Your clients have different needs and eStatements are geared toward them. It is a way to present them with a digital representation of the paper you currently send them. For example, they may wish to see all their trades for the last 6 months; here they are nicely arranged as a group in their browser. Next, they need to see a specific trade, click the link and see the confirm. Then they want to see their February account statement, it's just a click away. All the detail that was on paper is now presented to them over the internet, instantly. No looking for documents, requesting new ones etc… Just the information they want when they want it. eStatements, making your customers happy today!

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