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If you said yes to any of the above questions, Statement Solutions can help you. By using YourAttaché™ you can give remote users access to any data you want. Using an intuitive interface, documents can be uploaded and stored securely for access over the Internet in minutes. You can alert users of new or important documents via email. The ability to perform full text searches is built in. Concerned about security? All transfers occur using 128 bit SSL. And most importantly, data is always available but never stored on a web server.


How does it work?


You have an important file updated daily that your sales, customer service, engineering or other team needs. Since the file changes daily you are worried about the team having old outdated information. The solution Use YourAttaché to keep the current version of the file. You determine when it is updated, you easily let the users know there is a new version and you decide when it is replaced. All your users know is that to be as up to date as possible they can log onto YourAttaché from any browser and get the information they need.


In just 3 steps you are up and going. First, you upload your file. Then you assign it to a user or group and categorize it for search. Then you go to the email queue, and send an email to alert your users of the new file. The email lets them know where it is and takes them to YourAttache. The user can then at your discretion view, print or download the file easily over the web. With YourAttaché, it's that quick and easy.


Key Features:


Your files are securely located on the YourAttaché server.

Access is through a browser over the Internet 24/7.

You control who sees a file at the user and group levels.

YourAttaché takes the hassle out of version control.

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