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A large multi-division brokerage house with over 100,000 clients around the world.



To carry the two most recent years of information per client online. Aggregate all of a client's accounts and show combined balances and individual details for all accounts. Present equity trading, money market fund, mutual fund and checking account activity and detail. Ensure security and privacy while using single client login authentication solution. Have the data available to the client 24/7. Service ease of use was paramount because the online access service needed to motivate 15% of all clients to receive all current paper documents online rather then through the mail.

Data was supplied in different formats from three discreet data sources. The data was combined, normalized and validated and then placed in a SQL database for manipulation and output generation. Templates were designed and implemented for each account type. Data was passed through the templates and converted to Adobe PDFs for onscreen display and for possible local storage by each client. Customized authentication software and protocols were developed so clients could use their existing account logins and passwords for access to their statements, confirms and other account documents. A maximum of four clicks are required to reach any specific functionality within the service.

The brokerage saw 21% of its existing customer base move to online only distribution of client documents. Additionally there was a cost savings of over $100,000 in saved postage and paper costs. Equally important were the savings in time and effort to supply additional copies of statements to account executives, interested parties and to clients for prior period reports. Finally, brokers and clients had instant access to client documents to ease communications in real time via the phone on account standing or proposed moves.

The system is designed to maximize throughput and uptime. Special attention was given to ease of use, especially for user navigation and overall system speed. Due to the large number of potential users, the system was built with integrated load balancing and resource allocation as well as fault tolerant data backup.

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